Bear in Mind: Cubisms

Bear in MindI love a good challenge, and this is my first attempt at a blogging challenge with others.  It’s called 31 Days.  I had to choose a specific topic and will be writing about that specific topic for the whole month of October.  Yikes!

I have always tried to write down the funny and enlightening things that my cubs say and do with plans to remind them about them when they get older.  I call them “cubisms”.  I’ve decided to spend the next 31 days really paying attention to my cubs’ thoughts, words, and actions and to find meaning in them.  I felt the phrase “bear in mind” would be most appropriate since my plan is to pay much more attention (in mind) to my cubs (bears) over the next 31 days.  Get it?!  Bear in Mind?!  Oh, well. I tried! :)

Each day you will be able to come to this page to read my lessons from my cubs.  Let’s get started!

Day 1:  Parent a.k.a. Cheerleader

Day 2:  Two As One

Day 3: Don’t Worry About A Thing

Day 4: Back to Basics

Day 5: Be Who You Be

Day 6: Starting Over Again

Day 7: Shine On

Day 8: Giants and Heroes

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